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Couple kept apart by coronavirus marry in Scotland

Piriyah and Sandeep Krishnan spent lockdown an ocean apart as he was stuck in Missouri in the US and she remained in London. The pair's dream wedding in Malaysia was cancelled and they had no way to reunite in the same country. But a registrar at Stirling Council saved the day and they were then able to start married life in the States. The groom even wore a kilt and the couple climbed Ben Nevis to celebrate their nuptials. Priyah and Sandeep's relationship started with a heavy sprinkling of luck. An afternoon tea turned into our surprise wedding Coronavirus: Scottish wedding guidelines 'absolutely bonkers' Which lockdown rules will change next - and when? On his way back from a medical mission trip in India, UK-born cardiologist Sandeep, who lives in the US, had a stopover in London. He told BBC Scotland's Mornings with Jackie Brambles: "I was in Heathrow and I had 20 or 30 minutes to kill so I pulled out my app wondering what do Indian women look like in Europe. I was curious. So I saw Piriyah's face and I thought 'oh, she is gorgeous'. "I had to talk to her, so I swiped right and never thought anything else about it. I never knew I had matched with her until several weeks later."


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